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The mission of the Omaha Jaycees Foundation is to support the charitable efforts of the Omaha Jaycees and to improve Greater Omaha. OJF is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity whose primary focus is to make charitable grants of up to $1,000 to fund service projects in support of immediate needs and/or long-term community betterment. Applications are reviewed quarterly.

How to Donate

This work depends on the generous contributions of our supporters. Thank you for making a difference in the Greater Omaha Community. You can donate today at our Omaha Gives page or contact us for more information about giving opportunities at

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Eligibility Requirements

Nonprofit organizations may be eligible to submit an application to OJF if they meet all of the following three requirements: Defined as a tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Code, provide services to the residents of Greater Omaha, and requesting funds to conduct a 501(c)(3)-compliant charitable activity as defined by section 170(c)(2)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code.

OJF does not make grants in support of the following: Individuals, scholarships, bifurcated gifts, political campaigns or lobbying efforts, businesses operating for personal gain or profit, funding of an endowment, debt repayment, payment for expenses incurred in the past, or direct support of religious activities that do not serve community members regardless of congregational membership and statements of belief.

Application Details

Applicants for OJF grants shall be required to submit application forms and supporting materials as OJF may deem appropriate on a schedule to be determined and subject to change by OJF. Ordinarily, the application will be made available on OJF’s webpage and must be received to by February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 for organizations seeking funds for disbursement no earlier than the following respective month. Applicants may be required to complete an interview with OJF and will ordinarily be notified of a decision by the end of the month of the application deadline.

Grants are determined by the OJF Board of Directors which reserves the right to reject any application with or without cause and whose Directors may interpret the merits of proposals differently. All potential grants approved by majority vote of the Board are subject to a Grant Agreement to be signed and dated by a duly authorized representative of the Grantee and by the President of OJF as the Grantor.

Community Investment

Board Members

President Joseph R. Woster, Strategic Insights Analyst, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Secretary Catherine M. Bogacz, Senior Analyst, Kiewit Corporation

Treasurer Mitchell J. Hagen, CPA, Senior Tax Accountant, Frankel Zacharia CPAs

Community Investment Ethan E. Fickbohm, Owner & Recruiting Manager, Assurance Business Solutions LLC

Development Clifton M. McEvoy, Philanthropy Director, Kids Can Community Center

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