Toyo 2017


The 2016 TOYO Teen awards

have been presented!




This years award ceremony was held Sunday,

May 1, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. in the Village Pointe Amphitheater. 

1. Anna Vaughn - Blair High School
2. Ashly Helfrich - Millard West High School
3. Brandon McMiller - Westside High School
4. Elizabeth Bekins - Westside High School
5. Grace Erixon - Omaha North Magnet High School
6. Jennifer Mack - Millard North High School
7. Nathan Richards - Ralston High School
8. Priya Kukreja - Millard North High School
9. Sameep Neupane - Omaha Central High School
10. Tierra Conyers - Omaha Benson Magnet High School

Congratulations to Blair High SchoolMillard West High SchoolWestside High School (Omaha)Omaha North High School, Millard North High School, Ralston High SchoolOmaha Central High School, and Benson High School. , Omaha, Ne. for having such outstanding teens represent your school and our community through passionate volunteerism.


Come back next year to apply for our 2017 Awards.