The Omaha Jaycees is made up of a group of top-notch young professionals who are well-respected among their peers, in their careers and throughout their communities. Our members vary in age, race, background and profession, so you never know who you will meet and how they will enrich your life. 

Benefits in becoming a member of the Omaha Jaycees include:

*Personal and professional growth:  check out Individual Development.

*Giving back to the community:  check out Community

*Learning business management skills:  check out Management.

*Fun, Friendship, and Networking Opportunities!  

Many members of the Omaha Jaycees have built life-long friendships through their involvement in the organization. We offer a unique mix of social activities; not only do we work hard – we play hard too. Social events range have included happy hours, game nights, a hayrack ride and organized seasonal “socials.” Friendship and fun is a major perk of an Omaha Jaycees membership!

As a member of the Omaha Jaycees, you are introduced into many opportunities to meet other young professionals in the Omaha metro area. We currently have over 100 members, making us one of the largest Jaycee chapters in the U.S. You can talk shop, exchange ideas and share tips for success. 

Annual membership fees are $75 for new and returning members. You are able to join the Omaha Jaycees at any point during the year and your membership is active for the next 365 days. 

Join us! To join the Omaha Jaycees, click here.


Recent Membership Activities:  

Leadership Training University

The Omaha Jaycees gathered for a one day leadership training opportunity by the national level trainers hosted for all Jaycee members throughout the nation right here in downtown Omaha. The day was spent learning how to develop a healthy chapter as well as your own personal, professional skills. Afterwards, the Omaha Jaycees hosted a social at the Old Mattress Factory to allow members from other states and chapters to form new bonds and friendships.



Recent & Popular Socials: 

The Omaha Jaycees thank their dedicated members with a free or low cost social activity on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Certain events allow non-Jaycee guests to participate as well for a small fee.


Infusion Brewery Tour:

Enjoy some locally brewed beers while learning all about how it is made with the Omaha Jaycees right in the heart of downtown Benson.

Brew 1  




Vala's Pumpkin Patch Cook Out:

Enjoy cooler weather with the Omaha Jaycees at one of Vala's Pumpkin Patch's bonfire rings where we will enjoy a good old fashion fire pit with all of the fixings as well as all the fun that the park has to offer.

Pump1   Pump2


Holiday Lights & Bar Tour Bus: 

Celebrate the season with the Omaha Jaycees on the Holiday Lights and Bar Tour where we will be viewing all of the best holiday lights in Omaha and stopping at a few drinking establishments along the way to spread our holiday cheer 

Holi1   Holi2


Membership in the U.S. Junior Chamber has its privledges! 

Besides recieving the opportunity to impact your community, your annual membership dues also entitiles you access to the National resources the Jaycees has to offer.

Learn more at JCI USA