The Omaha Jaycees help our members learn Management Skills! 

Young members can benefit from the more experienced Jaycees' skills as Management by Objectives (we call it the Chairman's Planning Guide.) Members have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them in "off the job" circumstances.   

Through Management Development, you'll learn to manage people, money and time, and to evaluate the success of a project or program. These skills not only apply to Jaycee business, but carry over to your career as well.  By participating in Management Development programs, you'll learn to plan chapter activities and maintain chapter finances. You'll learn how to practice public relations and communication to build unity in the chapter

Information about planning and managing personal and professional activities are offered in Management Development programs. These include Planning, Training, Financial Management, Personnel Management, Communication and Public Relations.

Examples of Training Opportunities in Management

Information Nebraska State Conventions are offered quarterly 

US Jaycees Conventions invite nationally renowned trainers.

Jaycees International Training

In 1996, the Omaha Jaycees were the driving force bringing the nationwide portion of golf’s PGA Tour to Omaha. 

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The Omaha Jaycees and Village Pointe Shopping Center have teamed up to present “The Vibes at Village Pointe,” a summer concert series held annually at the shopping center.

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The Omaha Jaycees and Village Pointe Shopping Center is proud to introduce the TOYO Teens (Ten Outstanding Young Omaha Teens) awards annually in May at the Village Pointe Amphitheater.  

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