Individual Development

Individual development is about meeting the personal and career development needs of young professionals. After all, great leaders need great skills!  The Omaha Jaycees  offers members opportunities to learn from guest speakers, training events, and many other tools to achieve personal and professional growth. 

Members have the chance to use hands-on events and speaker sessions as self-improvement opportunities and real-life scenarios through a unique combination of “off-the-job” training and society benefit. The Omaha Jaycees learn while both listening and doing. The sky’s the limit when it comes to improving personal and professional skills.  Building better people is what the Jaycees is all about.  If you have an ideas on some skills you want to learn about, please contact our Individual Development Vice President.

Previous Guest Speakers:

Real Estate – Buying and selling homes for first-time buyers and existing home owners. 

Tax Accounting – Tax-related questions answered, including itemized deductions and other topics. 

Physical Training- Getting into shape!  

Landscaping- Gardening tips, including planting of trees and getting the lush plush green grass that will make your neighbors jealous. 

Local politics- Local issues facing the community today. 

First Impressions- A first impression is key in business and personal life. How to accomplish it any situations. 

Etiquette – Which fork do I use? A discussion on common dinner manners and situational scenarios that aren’t always taught formally.

Positive Attitude - Mary Kay Mueller a nationally known motivational speaker.

Financial Planning – Financial freedom and building a retirement nest egg.

Self Promotion – Sell yourself! A chat about selling yourself better to employers and learning how to be all that you know you can be. 

Hands-On Learning Events:

Game Night – Chutes & Ladders, anyone? A fun night of board games with other members.

Sky Diving – Come on. You always wanted to do it. Now you can.

Taco Ride – Grab your bike for a "Party" ride.

Wine tasting – Treat your palate and learn more about the art of wine through our group tasting of white and red wines. We discuss each wine’s unique characteristics, and determine what foods they are best paired with.

Beer tasting – Beer elitists, gather round. We have fun tasting light, heavy, and dark beers and discussing what foods they pair up better with. 

Golfing – A chance for rookies and amateurs to learn about the game golf.